Zaamigo is the friend of your teeth

(„za“: Swiss-German for tooth, „amigo“: Spanish for friend).

Don’t worry about the dentist ever again

When I was a student, I stopped going to the dentist. I wanted to save that money. It was inconvenient to search for a new dentist in a new town. I felt safe. I thought I was old enough to take care of my own teeth. 
I was wrong, just like almost everyone. 92% of adults suffered from dental cavities. Almost half of the population suffers from chronic gum disease. 

Teeth are left to chance. Sure, most people brush their teeth regularly. But it is a routine that we do without much thinking. Daily flossing isn’t really popular. We can’t see the tiny differences, why should we spend the effort? Regular dental cleanings are important, sure. We know that. But if the dentist is not reminding me, it’s probably not that urgent?

Luckily, there’s a better way. It’s possible to check your teeth yourself. It’s possible to check teeth at home without the inconvenience of a physical appointment. It’s a smart camera that takes microscopic images of teeth and gums. The images are analysed automatically using artificial intelligence. Ugly stains, unnecessary plaque build-up and inflamed gums are instantly highlighted. 
Most people are quite surprised when they first look at their teeth, even dentists themselves. They won’t ignore their dental health ever after.

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